Design and Personalisation of Kraft Drums

Are you thinking of giving a more modern touch to your brand’s visual image?

The design and personalisation of Kraft drums is the ideal bet, as it combines aspects such as resistance with a very attractive aesthetic.

Also, according to a recent study by Google, sustainability-focused strategies are set to become more mainstream in the marketing world by 2024. So it makes sense to go for recyclable materials in packaging management.

Kraft board is one of the most malleable materials in the world, which makes it easy to adapt to create high quality and strong packaging. In addition, we use highly advanced screen printing techniques, thus guaranteeing a more durable engraving.

There are numerous success stories associated with the implementation of customised sustainable packaging, an investment that can bring with it many timely advantages for the achievement of corporate purposes.

In this article you will learn about the benefits of using customised Kraft drums for business. We will also share a series of recommendations so that you know what to look for when choosing the ideal packaging for your business.

Benefits of Kraft drum design

Although this is an aspect that tends to be underestimated, statistical data highlight the importance of packaging in increasing repurchase rates and improving the corporate identity of brands.

Packaging is a marketing technique that allows to generate greater relevance to the brand image, while achieving its differentiation in the market.

Improving packaging techniques can bring companies closer to exceeding their most ambitious goals, especially in terms of differentiation as a benchmark in their business niche.

The main advantage of customised Kraft drums for companies is related to the safety it provides both in packaging and in the transfer of products. And thanks to the properties of this material, it can be adapted to the needs of different industries.

Here are some benefits that demonstrate the impact of design on sales of sustainable packaging for business.

Capacity for brand differentiation

The design and personalisation of Kraft drums is a safe bet to achieve brand differentiation in an increasingly saturated and competitive market.

In fact, companies are increasingly aware of the need to generate relevance through visual techniques that can connect with the user.

And not only does this apply to the higher-end retail products, but printing on Kraft drums is also very timely within the management industries.

The package must be seen as the first impression the brand will give to the consumer, and if the assessment is positive, the benefits will translate into increased recommendations, improved business reliability and increased sales.

Increasing customer loyalty

Once the brand has mastered differentiation through visual appeal, it is necessary to engage consumers by generating certain value propositions.

And it is precisely here that the use of kraft drums becomes so relevant to efficient packaging management. It is an extremely reliable material for overcoming packaging challenges, even when transporting fragile or delicate materials.

All these aspects influence the trust and loyalty of customers, while in the industrial environment, it is a very welcome strategy that can attract the interest of potential investors.

Increased commercial visibility

Increasing visibility is a must for any brand, but doing so with the purpose of standing out increases the positive results.

Those products on display that have a personalised packaging design tend to be more memorable for potential customers, who will easily recognise your company’s seal when they first approach your brand.

In an effective digital marketing strategy, it is the small details that tend to be the most relevant to obtain the expected results.

In addition, internationally successful companies have the particularity that in the management of their advertising strategies, the promotion of an experience stands out, and not only the visualisation of a product.

Amazon is a perfect example of the scope of packaging to increase commercial visibility and connect with consumers. But it has become increasingly important to complement this with practices that point towards sustainability.

Boosting engagement

Creativity in eco-friendly packaging is what encourages interaction between the consumer and the brand. It not only attracts attention, but also creates closeness to the product.

Although this is a point that is not so often taken into consideration, its importance is related both to the increase in brand positioning and the capacity to increase the percentage of repurchase.

Once you decide to go for the design and customisation of Kraft drums, remember to complement it with an optimal marketing strategy on social networks to capture the interaction of your audience.

Strengthens the positive corporate image

There are hundreds of thousands of brands in the world, what makes yours so special? It’s not just about knowing what your company’s values are, it’s about communicating them through advertising.

It is much easier for consumers to interact with your brand if you go for environmentally friendly packaging design. This is a highly relevant topic nowadays, which highlights the social sense of companies.

Generate an excellent shopping experience

The design and personalisation of kraft drums also promotes an excellent shopping experience and can certainly influence the positive evaluation of your products.

Gone are the days when packaging using kraft paperboard was only intended for industrial use. Nowadays its use has moved into various niches thanks to the properties of this material.

Kraft drum customisation options

As a specialised company committed to the use and distribution of kraft drums, we have a wide range of design tools for kraft packaging.

This allows us to offer an outstanding variety, providing a tailor-made solution for all our customers’ requirements.

Here are some of the techniques we are able to apply in our packaging customisation management.

Screen printing

We excel in promoting quality over the long term, which is why screen printing on Kraft drums is often a very good choice.

It is a very versatile technique with long-lasting results. It is an excellent alternative if you want to maintain a high visual quality and keep maintenance requirements simple.

Waterproof paint

In the design and customisation management of Kraft drums we also implement techniques with waterproofing paint, which allows our Kraft drums to increase their durability even if the packaging material is used frequently.

This coating increases the thermal insulation capacity and influences the safety and preservation of certain packaging products.

Decorative sticker

We also have examples of designs on Kraft drums with the application of decorative labels. With this technique, it is essential to create a design that matches the visual identity of the brand.

It is also a much better choice if you are looking to extend your creativity in eco-friendly packaging to more commercially marketable products.

Tips to get professional packaging design right

Considering that there is a wide range of proposals to generate personalisation on packaging, including the use of ecological inks in packaging personalisation, it can be difficult to choose.

The first thing to consider is to go for a resistant material, thanks to the properties of Kraft cardboard, packaging is much more solid and confers greater protection.

On the other hand, design decisions should be focused on creating an alliance between the visual identity of the brand and the company’s corporate values.

Successful design and customisation

For some years now, the management of brand personalisation and Kraft drums have gone hand in hand, generating an alliance that has had a positive impact on the growth of the company.

Thanks to our extensive experience, we have numerous success stories in the design of environmentally friendly packaging.

For example, our allies Delta Tecnic, who decided to go for the design and customisation of Kraft fibre drums when they saw first-hand the resistance of the material.

This company excels in the chemical and pigment industry, so we work with the highest safety and efficiency protocols to provide an optimal and competent packaging design for the transportation of this type of products.

Conclusion and final recommendations

There are many reasons to decide to invest in the design and customisation of Kraft drums, not only on a marketing level but also with product care in mind.

Offer the best to your customers with a customised packaging design and advanced quality eco-friendly packaging – we are here to serve you!