Kraft Fibre Drum For Delta Tecnic

At Joaquin Alberto S.A., we are proud to present our screen-printed kraft drum, designed in collaboration with Delta Tecnic.

About Delta Tecnic

Delta Tecnic is a leading company in the world of the chemical and pigment industry. With a long history in the market, it has earned the reputation of being a benchmark in the manufacture of high-quality color concentrates and additives. What distinguishes Delta Tecnic is its commitment to innovation and sustainability.

The company not only focuses on offering top-notch products, but also constantly seeks ways to minimise its environmental impact, thereby aligning itself with the values of environmental responsibility.

Protection and quality without compromises

Our screen printed kraft fibre drum has been specifically designed to ensure maximum protection of color concentrates and additives during transport and storage.

We know that these products are essential to the industry, and their integrity is of utmost importance to our customers.

That’s why we have created a durable and reliable drum that meets the highest quality expectations.

Adaptability to the needs of different sectors

One of the highlights of this collaboration is how screen printed kraft fibre drums can be adapted to the specific needs of different sectors.

At Joaquin Alberto S.A., we firmly believe in the versatility of our products. This project with Delta Tecnic is a tangible example of how our custom drums can meet the unique needs of any industry.

Contact us to learn more about how our screen-printed drums can help you protect your products sustainably.