What are Kraft Drums?

More and more companies are committed to sustainability in order to reduce their climate impact. In line with European guidelines, the aim is to protect the environment with effective measures. One of them is the use of kraft drums for various applications.

If you don’t know what these reusable containers are, what their characteristics are or how they benefit your company, we are going to give you all the details in this guide. But the first thing you should know is that this measure is part of the European Union (EU) policies to reduce polluting emissions.

The EU has taken on the challenge of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030, according to the website of the Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge.

Some sectors have a greater responsibility, such as the maritime sector, which will have to reduce its levels by 62% compared to 2005. As far as road transport is concerned, the percentage is 42%. The use of this packaging is very favourable if we take into account that the use of cardboard recycling has a positive environmental impact.

Parts of kraft drums

Ecological packaging has become an environmentally friendly solution. In this respect, kraft fibre drums are an excellent alternative for storing and transporting goods.

Depending on the customer’s needs, the most suitable container can be selected. They all consist of several parts, such as the body, the lid, the closure and possibly handles. Let’s take a look at what they consist of to better understand their usefulness.


The body of the drum is the central part and is made of quality cardboard. It is covered with several layers of kraft paper glued together to ensure its strength. This material, usually brown in colour, has become very popular because of its low environmental impact.

In the packaging industry, kraft paper is particularly prominent. Its name comes from German and means strength or vigour. Its originator was the Swede Carl Dahn, who developed it in 1884. It is obtained from wood fibre pulp and is noted for its strength and durability.

  • The versatility of this product has led to its multiple applications. It is mainly used in packaging of different shapes, such as these drums made from sustainable materials.
  • As one of the most malleable materials, it can be adapted to different needs, such as packaging, protection and transport.
  • This thick paper with a flat or rough surface is available in different weights. Depending on the intended use, it will have greater strength and a longer life span.

Choosing the right kraft drum for every type of business can be a challenge if you are not familiar with the industry. Depending on the body, which is determined by the height and width, this container will have more or less storage capacity.

These carton drums have to be suitable for different products, which is why their body must be adapted to different requirements. Above all, because there are dangerous goods, such as paint or varnish, as well as chemicals, where extreme precautions must be taken.


The closure is one of the most important elements of this composition, so it is important to pay special attention to its function. Both the lid and the rims are relevant to ensure that it is sealed.

The rings of a drum are used to ensure that the lid remains tightly closed and to prevent the lid from opening during storage or transport. This sealing ring is placed around the lid to provide additional protection.

It is a part of this structure that contributes to the integrity and closure of the containers to prevent accidental or unforeseen hazards. In most cases, this end reinforcement is made of galvanised strip.

This steel material is widely used in a wide variety of industries as it is highly versatile. In addition, these closures are robust and reliable because they have undergone a process that makes them more resistant to rust.


Kraft drum lids are adapted to the different needs of each customer. Most commonly they are available in plastic, metal or MDF, which are pressed wood fibres.

The lids must have the right characteristics to ensure the effectiveness of this eco-friendly packaging. They must be properly sealed to avoid environmental risks, such as a fire, which would put one’s own physical integrity at risk.

It is worth mentioning that there are drums with fixed and movable lids, which can be adapted to different needs. The second option is quite popular because it guarantees a more precise closure. However, the choice depends on the customer.

The lid, together with the sealing rings, has to fit snugly to the body to ensure its protection. It is therefore an essential element in the composition of the containers. If this were not the case, the liquid or contents could spill out during storage or transport.


The bottom of a drum is the lower part of the drum and is of sufficient thickness to provide security for the container. Depending on the use and type of goods being transported, this structure may vary.

It is an important part of the design and composition of these versatile containers. In this aspect, it is important to emphasise the importance of strength to avoid breakage due to weight or wear and tear over time.

These packaging solutions are usually composed of several layers of kraft paper and cardboard, glued together to create a protective barrier against moisture. This part of the body often has a reinforcement ring for added strength.

With packaging innovations in a constantly evolving industry, we can find increasingly strong bottoms to comply with control and safety regulations.


Finally, let’s talk about the functionality of the drum closure to avoid possible spills. Safety and tightness are two key words to define their purpose.

Most of these containers are cylindrical, so these closures must fit the shape and dimensions to provide protection for the container. However, it is useful to differentiate the options according to the classification:

  • Two plugs. This closure has two plugs of different sizes. The larger hole is for inserting and extracting the contents. The smaller one is the main air inlet.
  • Open-head. This is one of the safest closures because it works under pressure, so it is ideal to avoid leaks and spills of goods, especially if they are dangerous and put health at risk. As we all know, a natural disaster would cause irreparable losses.


In summary, the use of kraft drums in different industries is highly recommended because of their many benefits. During their manufacture, less energy is consumed compared to conventional packaging. For this reason, they have become a popular choice for storing and transporting pharmaceuticals, chemicals or foodstuffs, among other options.