Our Membership of Envalora

From Joaquín Alberto, we would like to tell you about our adhesion to the Envalora project. This decision reflects our ongoing commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility, values that have always been fundamental to our company.

What is Envalora and why is it important?

Envalora is an initiative focused on the Extended Producer Responsibility Collective System (Sistema Colectivo de Responsabilidad Ampliada del Productor – SCRAP), especially in sectors such as chemicals, plastics, rubber and construction. This system aims to manage industrial packaging more efficiently and sustainably.

29 December 2022 marked an important milestone with the implementation of Royal Decree 1055/2022, related to packaging and packaging waste. This decree establishes Extended Producer Responsibility (Responsabilidad Ampliada del Productor – RAP) specifically for packaging used in the industrial and commercial sector.

This new regulation significantly transforms the responsibilities of companies distributing these types of packaging, especially when it comes to shipping products to their customers within Spain.

This fundamental change drives us to continue to refine our current system of production, consumption and waste management. The aim is to evolve towards a more circular model that encourages innovation and demonstrates greater respect for the environment.

How does Joaquín Alberto fit into this project?

At Joaquín Alberto, we specialise in the manufacture of environmentally friendly and recyclable kraft drums. By joining Envalora, we are not only continuing our mission to offer sustainable products, but we are also joining a broader collective effort to improve environmental management in our industry.

This means we are contributing to a more responsible product life cycle, from production to final recycling.

Improving waste management

By participating in SCRAP, we help establish more efficient waste management practices, ensuring that materials are properly recycled and reducing environmental impact.

Commitment to sustainability

This partnership reinforces our commitment to sustainability. By partnering with Envalora, we are not only improving our practices, but also promoting positive change across the industry.

Benefits for our clients

By choosing our products, our customers indirectly participate in this collective effort for a more sustainable future. This adds extra value to every purchase, knowing that they are contributing to the greater good.

We hope this information has helped you to better understand our new partnership with Envalora.